(2)Dope Questions w/ Mickey Factz

blame it on Meka October 3, 2008

After spending the first half of the year infiltrating the masses with his acclaimed weekly “Leak” series, as well as dropping two mixtapes and getting an MTV nod for his “Rockin’ & Rollin'” video, Mickey Factz takes the time out of his busy schedule to chop it up with us on this edition of (2)Dope Questions.

1. Being that you were one of the first artists to participate in the weekly series with The Leak how does it feel since you have stopped? Do you feel it’s still a way for artists to be heard and appreciated or is that style of releasing music being “over saturating”?

Honestly it was challenging enough for me. Secondly, anyone who knows Mickey Factz knows, I handle millions of duties on a day to day basis and I feel The Leak played its part by getting my name into the public eye. I don’t believe in over saturating. If you continue to put out music weekly, do it on a higher level. Crooked I did freestyles, I did a song. Charles is putting out a mixtape out every 2 weeks. Its about quality + quantity. And I feel we all understood that.

2. The economy is in a state of turmoil. Governments are taking over banks that are unable to operate. Joblessness is on the constant rise. And the $700 billion bailout emergency plan was first rejected, then approved yet met with a lot of criticism. How do you personally feel about the bailout plan, and do you feel as if it can pull the country out of its situation?

As long as this is not a bailout for greedy corporate America and we stay focused on creating jobs and not overstepping our boundaries when it comes to spending, we will be fine. Prices in almost every field of commerce has increased over the past 2 months. I feel its better to have some sort of solution then to ignore what’s happening out here.

Extra: Dunks, Shell Toes, Uptowns or Supras: Which do you prefer? And what are your favorite pair of shoes, owned or no?

I prefer Supra’s all the way. That is a proposterous question to ask. Favorite pair of kicks right now is the original Gold Supra’s with the silver in the back. I have two pairs. I used to own 3 but I lost a pair in Houston Tx. Smh