Skyzoo Archives #10: Superstar Freestyle x Da Art of Storytelling pt.5

blame it on Shake October 6, 2008

Another double up…

So we’re up to #10 in the series, and as I said before, sometimes i’m gonna drop 2 for 1 specials (hint: look for the 2 for 1’s by every five releases; #5, #10, #15, etc). This one is two freestyles I did in 2007-The Art Of Storytelling Pt 5 (because Outkast’s was pt 4) and Superstar. With TAOS, I always loved what Outkast did with that series, and when they brought it back for the Drama album, it was nuts. I heard the beat and immedietly wanted to do my own version of it. Before you listen to it and not understand it, when I speak of the Neuman, thats the name of a microphone. It’s one of the better studio mics and it’s what I use in my studio (Nycetrax Studios, what up!). So now you’ll understand the song better. With Superstar, I loved the original when Lu’ dropped it, and again, I wanted to give my take on it. Sometimes people get this game confused and believe everything they think they see, and as a result, things happen, be it good or bad. Eveyrtime I rap, its about things that REALLY happen in one way or another, including this one. So here they are on the 2 for 1 special, The Art Of Storytelling Pt 5 & Superstar-2007. Ya’ll check these out while I go write some more stories for this album. “The Salvation”, coming soon. HollaSkyzoo

DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo – Da Art of Storytelling pt.5 | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo – Superstar Freestyle | MediaFire

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