14KT – Illustrious x Less Than Enough

blame it on Shake October 8, 2008

Two more tracks off 14KT’s upcoming album, The Golden Hour, dropping October 14th! Hit the jump for his inspiration on each track…

DOWNLOAD: 14KT – Illustrious | MediaFire
DOWNLOAD: 14KT – Less Than Enough f. Ab & Zo! | MediaFire
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14KT’s Inspiration on Less Than Enough featuring Ab & Zo!

*Much love to my brothas Zo! on additional keys/bass, my mans Ab on the Vocals, and
my mans Sam Beaubien who came through and laid trumpet for the track. I appreciate it ya’ll*

(Taken from an IM conversation)

“A.L. says : can i ask what inspired this one?
14KT says: divorce..
14KT says: hate crimes..
14KT says: disrespect..
14KT says: people getting killed..
14KT says: relationships..
A.L says: it’s wrapped so eloquently though, with much respect
14KT says: yeah..I wanted the track to sound more contemplative than sad..but its really based on negative things…
A.L says: yeah it feels that way…. sad isn’t really my emotion… it’s just emotion-full in a way
A.L says: the way that there’s a tinge of sadness in “I fall in love too easily” – that’s what the trumpet reminds me of..
14KT says: “This hate that I see…is less than enough to detect any love..”
14KT says: “This music I hear…is less than enough to detect any love..”
14KT says: “These relationships I see..are less than enough to detect any love..”
14KT says: “This respect that I get…is less than enough to detect any love..”
A.L says: man… i feel u..
A.L says: that’s deeper than….
14KT says: its actually simple..just me thinking on things…and seeing how they could be so much better if people had more love…
14KT says: but instead they have “Less than Enough..”
A.L says: yessir. wow… thank you so much for sharing this with me……… “

14KT’s Inspiration on Illustrious

” This is BY FAR my favorite joint off the project and yes that is me TRYING to sing on it. HAHA!. Years ago, I asked my bestfriend Keri to name one word that described me.She replied,”Illustrious”. I was like WHOA! When I made this, I was listening to alot of late 70s/Early 80s Rock music. I wanted to make a Gospel song, but I didn’t want to do it in the traditional sense sonically.So I wanted to make my version a 80’s Rock Gospel Song! Even though Keri described me as Illustrious, I could never ever come close to letting my little light shine without the Grace, Love, and Power of GOD! So I dedicated this joint to GOD and how I feel with Him in my life!! If you feel the same way, hopefully you will feel the song. I know I’ll get criticized for my singing, but I don’t care. I was expressing myself!! That’s what music is about right?


Verse 1:
“Illustrious/ I feel/ When you’re in my life
So Heavenly/I feel/When you’re in my life

Verse 2:
” You are the only way, please show me (the way)
I want to shine, shine, shine, Divine (divine continues to echo)

“God, I need your in my life ( repeats at the end)