Dallas Penn Fuxxx w/ ZipCar (Video)

blame it on Shake October 11, 2008


…and suggests you do to. This guy is a nut. I love it. More after the jump…

ZipCar is a car-sharing service that allows you to have a motor vehicle when and where you need one. The service is so excellent and customer friendly it makes me wonder how they manage to stay in business.

The people that run ZipCar are what I call “compassionate capitalists”. They run their company to make money but not to defraud their users. Who knew that companies still operated like that?

ZipCar charges a flat hourly fee for their vehicles and they even pay for the gas and toll costs you incur during your trip.

I used a ZipCar recently on a trip to Woodstock, NY to attend a screening for my film www.internetscelebrities.com Bodega. The car was fantastic and clean and all I had to do when I was finished was return it to the garage I picked it up from.

In these days of corporate greed and malfeasance I am happy that I support businesses like ZipCar.

*ZipCar has not given me any compensation for this video nor do they even know I have produced it.