One Year Later…

blame it on Meka October 14, 2008

SHAKE: Where do I start? I remember when the idea was just that … an idea I pitched to Meka with no exact expectations. I wish I could remember some of the titles we were gonna run with. The Tapedeck, Paid in Full, Can We Live, etc. There were some great ones and some horrible ones. I’m glad we ran with 2dopeboyz, because it embodies exactly what we are haha. I never thought we’d be at where we are so quick. I remember when we hit that 1millie mark. Once we hit 2 millie so quick I knew it was a wrap. I have a bunch of shit to say and a bunch of people to thank but I’ve gotta continue packing. So just know I appreciate any and everything ya’ll do for us. Thanks for keeping in tune with the dopeboyz as we venture to take over the industry like we promised just one year ago.

MEKA: I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Hell, I didn’t even know what I’d be doing when I was approached with the idea last year. I am however eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given, and it has no doubt played a huge part in essentially every endeavor I’ve done in the past 366 (leap year, bidges). Many thanks to Shake for essentially taking a chance on an angry Black blogger (I ain’t mad no more like Skillz, though), and I thank everybody who has visited, commented, downloaded, talked shit, downloaded then talked shit, collaborated, all that good stuff. Here’s to another 12 months of delivering the goods this culture desperately needs, and be on the lookout for much bigger and better things in the future.