Meka’s Soul Mix EP: Jay-Z – A Million & One Questions/Rhyme No More

blame it on Meka October 17, 2008

I had a feeling when I started doing these I’d get a mixed reaction, so let me explain myself: I don’t consider the songs to be “misses” per se, just only in execution. For those that don’t know, “It’s Alright” was actually a Memphis Bleek single that ended up on a Jay-Z album, despite the fact the shit had only one Bleek verse. Meanwhile, “Imaginary Player,” like this cut, was off an album considered to be one of Jay’s worst due to its over-glossy nature, similar to the reaction It Was Written wrongly received. That’s not to say that them shits sucked, however. Get it? Good. And if you still have an issue? Go slap-box a polar bear.

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