Is Asher Roth’s Career Over w/ the Return of Eminem?

blame it on Shake October 20, 2008

Last week when the Eminem freestyle hit the internets I immediately (see: after 100x plays of the record) wondered what would be happening to the career of Asher Roth. The comparisons have been made since his Greenhouse Effect mixtape was spread around and hasn’t stopped since. What will happen when Em actually makes his return. Would Asher have a chance at being successful? I personally don’t think the two are alike but a lot of people do. So why not use this cool poll option again haha. The illRoots fam also pose a different question. So what do the dopeboyz/girlz think? And don’t miss out on Em’s recent interview with Zane Lowe, shit is very in depth and a great listen.

[polldaddy poll=1023864]