2dopeboyz Presents Che Grand – Breakfast @ Wimbledon (ZFTP 7)

blame it on Shake October 28, 2008

Today has been dreadful. Not because of the music, well maybe. Besides my personal shit all this music is making me crazy. There was like 9080912 mixtapes that have dropped the last 2 days! Dah well, this is Lessondary bitch! A 2DBz x Che Grand collab, featuring Von Pea, Donwill, 8thW1, Spec Boogie and more. Don’t sleep and hit the jump for Che’s thoughts on this project, artwork, tracklist & download link…

A few months ago I started writing a script for this movie I titled Breakfast @ Wimbledon. It’s the story of a young Nigerian-British immigrant living in Brooklyn New York, dealing with family, faith, personal turmoil as well as trying to make it in the hip hop industry. Lots of sex, drugs, illegal aliens and high speed chase scenes thru Bedstuy. There’s also a great closing shoot out scene on a tennis court. It’s like a Quentin Tarantino flick meets Brown Sugar…. son!

I want to be clear, I had NO desire to make a mixtape (one day I’ll really make this terrible movie so you can see I wasn’t bullshittin hahaha). The truth is I didn’t want to put out any music until my album was finally available for the masses. The frustration of waiting and waiting is a silent killer which a few people know i’ve struggled with for awhile. However, it seems “Everything’s Good Ugly” may soon see light of day, so this mixtape is kind of a celebration!

Shouts to Matt for harassing me into putting this shit together, 6th Sense and Optix for letting me come to their studios to do random songs like Usain Bolt Rap Shit and Restart. Special Thanks to sites like 2Dope Boyz, my dude Khal at Rock The Dub, Rappers I Know and other dope blogs/podcasts constantly giving my material a platform. Big up the people who asked me to guest on their songs and then let me add it to the mix, the friendly faces I always see at shows, and of course Lessondary fam! Enjoy! – Che Grand

01 Breakfast @ Wimbledon (The Movie Trailer ((Fuck-A-Mixtape))
02 R E S T A R T
03 Electric(Yacht)Brain In The Lab With A Stereo
04 Yoko Ono (Danny!)
05 Lessondary Busy feat. Von Pea, Spec Boogie & Donwill
06 Bink?! How Much?!?!
07 Swing (prod. Brain Brizzo) (Preview)
08 I Think (She Likes Me) (Fly Guys & The Luv Bugz)
09 Lunch (english.man.in.nyc)
10 City On Fire (Preview)
11 UFO Ninja (Class of 3000)
12 Usain Bolt Rap Shit (prod. Suhburb)
13 Bendable Poseable (Hot Chip)
14 And You Say (Tanya Morgan) (prod. Von Pea)
15 GitDown feat Aeon (Tango & Cash Preview)
16 Flawed (8th W1 + Von Pea)
17 Dinner (fear.not.for.man)
18 This Is Not America (prod. Diego)
19 Birthright (Elucid)
20 Too Much Good
21 Brunch (.nova)
22 I Love Cassie/EGU coming soon (Outro)

DOWNLOAD: 2dopeboyz.com Presents Che Grand – Breakfast & Wimbledon (ZFTP 7)