Skyzoo Archives #20 (Special Cloud 9 Edition): The Bodega x Stop Fooling Yourself x You & Me (3 For 1 Special) (Prod. 9th Wonder)

blame it on Meka October 29, 2008

So at #20, I figured I’d make it really special by doing a 3 for 1 edition all from Cloud 9, my collabo EP with 9th Wonder. Cloud 9 is a 12 song EP that 9th Wonder and I did in 2006. The project was written and recorded in 3 days total, and wound up becoming one of the most talked about and respected projects that year. I always tell 9th that I got him for life on whatever because he let me kick in the door and get my name known with that project, and we really just did it to do it. 9th was the one who said “lets put it out for the people to enjoy”. Im very proud of this whole experience and greatful to all the fans who supported and became fans after hearing this EP. Here’s a quick breakdown of 3 of my faves off of the project.

“The Bodega” was the first song to leak from the cd. 9th actually leaked it himself which started the bidding war between the indie labels wanting to release it. This song is a day in front of the store, simple as that. I wrote it easily because its what I know. Everything that I wrote on this track (like always) really happened. Whether you’re from New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Compton or any other hood, you can relate to this. There’s a corner in every city, with a store sitting right on it, open 24/7.

“Stop Fooling Yourself” is a description of the blurred line between tryna go to college and tryna keep the lights on. Sometimes the college struggle is just as hard as the street struggle, or at least tryna get into one. Needless to say, this also really happened.

“You & Me” is a song that all my female fans were accquired off of. I originally wrote an R&B song to it and was gonna sell it to a female singer, but I got greedy and decided to keep the beat. So I wrote some of my life to it and put it on the EP. I love this record. We’ve all been through this at one point or another. And yep, you guessed it, this all really happened.

So here’s “The Bodega”, “Stop Fooling Yourself”, and “You & Me”, as part of a 3 for 1 special from Cloud 9, all produced by 9th Wonder. Holla. PS, if you dont have Cloud 9, log onto iTunes or amazon.com right now.

DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo & 9th Wonder – Stop Fooling Yourself | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo & 9th Wonder – The Bodega | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo & 9th Wonder – You And Me | Mediafire