iVote… A (2)Dope Collage

blame it on Meka November 4, 2008

Here’s the deal, party people. Since today is obviously an important one in American history, I wanted to do an interactive, continuing post that everybody can participate in. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself voting (like mine above [1]), and shoot an ImageShack/Photobucket/etc. link in this post’s c-section as well as the state you voted in, and your photo will be posted as well. Let’s shake up the world, people. UPDATE: Simply show your support now, and your pic will go up.

[1] I voted by mail three weeks ago, hence the reason my picture was taken in my kitchen.


Dave, New Jersey

the ill one, New Jersey

bugsy, Las Vegas

Amanda Diva, New York

Casa Dinero, Portland, Oregon

ROK, Phoenix, Arizona

RL, Florida

SXCASS, Florida

Damien, Fresno, CA

Kameron, North Carolina

m., Georgia

Big Homie, Washington, DC

TLBlogger, New York

Belize, Arizona

LowKey (NMC), New York

V.P., California (by way of Michigan)

Mr. W3st, California


Dallas Penn, New York

Cannons, California

J. Wonder

KNOWxONE, Hawaii

Mr. G, Maryland

Mike G, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

D. Lincoln, Arizona

dojo., Chicago, IL

YaYa!, Arizona


DJ Jav