NFL Week 10 Predictions

blame it on Meka November 8, 2008

Well, we’re in week 10, so now games have started playing on Thursdays as well. Anybody else think that the yokels who run the NFL are being way to tough on rules now? Next thing you know, cats are gonna get fined for accidentally tipping over a teammate’s Gatorade while sitting on the bench. Shit’s disgusting. Obviously the Giants/Eagles matchup is gonna be the game of the week, although that Denver/Cleveland joint could give it a run for its money. As for the Madden League, in the next few weeks (perhaps after December) the the top people (not sure on the number) will be invited to a special , 1-game playoff league where the one who has the most wins will win something from my vaults. I’m still trying to work that out. And don’t even bother challenging me either. Thoughts, people. Have a good weekend. Hell, even Angel says so.

MEK DOT’S TWO CENTS: Let’s go Eagles. The NFL officiating has become some biggedy-bitches.

Denver at Cleveland
Tennessee at Chicago
Jacksonville at Detroit
Baltimore at Houston
Buffalo at New England
New Orleans at Atlanta
Seattle at Miami
Green Bay at Minnesota
St. Louis at NY Jets
Carolina at Oakland
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh
Kansas City at San Diego
NY Giants at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Arizona