NFL Week 11 Predictions

blame it on Meka November 15, 2008

Damn, I can’t believe that we’re damn near 3/4s of the way through the NFL season. It’s definitely a bittersweet sport for me, seeing as how we essentially wait 8 months for a 4 month season. Anyways, there really isn’t any significant games going on this week, outside of the division game that went down on Thursday and the Washington/Dallas divisional game bookending it on Sunday. Thoughts, people! And if anybody asks in the c-section who the fuck is that chick above, I suggest you go feast on the contents under your kitchen sink. (2)Dope Madden Playoffs coming soon!

NY Jets vs. New England
Denver vs. Atlanta
Houston vs. Indianapolis
Oakland vs. Miami
Baltimore vs. NY Giants
Detroit vs. Carolina
Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati
Chicago vs. Green Bay
New Orleans vs. Kansas City
Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay
St. Louis vs. San Francisco
Arizona vs. Seattle
Tennessee vs. Jacksonville
San Diego vs. Pittsburgh
Dallas vs. Washington
Cleveland vs. Buffalo