(2)Dope Questions w/ Luguz

blame it on Shake November 21, 2008

Some might not be familiar with Luguz while others know exactly what dudes about. If you haven’t already, check out his Rock Premier mixtape, in which he rhymes over some classic Pete Rock & DJ Premier shit. This week I linked up with Luguz to compare blogs vs mixtapes and he gives his definition of a classic album…

1. Blogs vs Mixtapes?
Hmmm.. Ok as far as blogs are concerned I think they are the best outlets for unsigned and signed artists. Blogs are unique because the artist can reach millions across the globe in a matter of seconds… I mean lets face it… people nowadays want their information faster.. Mailboxes have been replaced with inboxes and phone calls have turned into two way message conversations… the internet and blogs have serviced hip hop with an instant click for new music and artists. Is it effective? Of course. Artists without certain outlets are getting recognized day in and day out throughout the internet. It is still a grind and hustle at the end of the day but I believe b.l.o.g.s. (Believing lyrics over gimmicks standout) that’s my own little acronym lol, are beginning to have a huge impact on the record labels. Labels are spending more time surfing the net then your local bootlegger.. So I guess you can say yea… blogs are more effective then mixtapes. Mixtapes are still the street stamp but I guarantee if your not buzzin on the internet its less then likely that you are not going to be on the biggest mixtapes out. At the end of the day, having a major buzz on either the internet or the mixtapes is effective towards your career.

2. What defines a classic album?
Well a classic album to me is generally good music. A classic album has to be an organic experience. If the artist is going in the studio everyday trying to make a certain type of record, then he or she have already lost the classic album. You do not look for a classic album… you do not force a classic album…. you do not think of a classic album… just record and everything will organically form. A lot of artists feel pressure because they want to do what the next person is doing but if you just focus on yourself and put honesty before integrity then I think you have the makings of a classic effort. Do your music and enjoy what you acheive and then sit back and watch how people admire your art. A classic album is good music. No fillers. No substitutions.

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