Soopa Starr’s Blaxploitation Friday: The Last Dragon

blame it on Meka November 21, 2008

This is actually one of my favorite ever. I mean, just look at the poster’s tagline and tell me you wasn’t in for some grade-a fuckery. And as always, if you’re digging this, hit up Gangstarr Girl for a fresh take on hip-hop, politics, fashion and other worldly and wordy things through the eyes of a New York-helmed around-the-way girl. Without further adeiu…

Even though the blaxploitation genre was primarily a 70s thing, there were some flicks that slipped through the cracks and made it to the later years. So, in the spirit of all re-makes, I bring you…

That’s right. You may have heard by now, but if not, there is officially going to be a remake of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, and Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to play Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem.


People have been saying that Busta Rhymes should be Sho’Nuff because of the “Dangerous” video but I think Sam Jack is gonna do his thing. I’m not mad.

Now, who’s gonna play Bruce Leroy and Laura Charles?

For Bruce Leroy, I think they should just pick an unknown martial arts master who can kinda sorta act. But because I’m sure they’ll want a big name, I have a hunch that they’re gonna go with Chris Brown.

As far as Laura Charles (Vanity’s character), I think Cassie would work.

Who would you cast?