NFL Week 12 Predictions

blame it on Meka November 22, 2008

After last week’s debacle against the Bungles, I’ve officially given all but up on the Eagles early for a third consecutive year. That division is way too tough, and all this wishful thinking shit makes my head hurt, I swear. Anyways, the Giants/Cardinals, New England/Miami, Jets/Titans and Chargers/Colts [did you see their battles last year?] are the highlights of the weekend. On the (2)Dope Madden League front, within the next few weeks some of the players will get invites to a 1-game playoff league alongside other random cats for a 1-game series against each other to determine who wins the whole shebang. It’s coming… soon. And in a perfect world, so would Joey.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Houston at Cleveland
Buffalo at Kansas City
New England at Miami
NY Jets at Tennessee
Philadelphia at Baltimore
San Francisco at Dallas
Tampa Bay at Detroit
Minnesota at Jacksonville
Chicago at St. Louis
Oakland at Denver
Carolina at Atlanta
NY Giants at Arizona
Washington at Seattle
Indianapolis at San Diego
Green Bay at New Orleans