Soopa Starr’s Blaxploitation Friday: Tales From The Hood

blame it on Meka November 28, 2008

* dies from laughter *

What the hell were we thinking when we came up with this, people? And as always, if you’re digging this, hit up Gangstarr Girl for a fresh take on hip-hop, politics, fashion and other worldly and wordy things through the eyes of a New York-helmed around-the-way girl. Without further adeiu…

I’m kind of on my lazy game today. I’m still sort of in food coma but it dawned on me that when I did my blaxploitation horror series, I left out one flick that I specifically meant to include. It’s actually one of my favorites (*hides face in shame at B-Movie addiction*).


I don’t care what anybody says, as cheesy as it was, you know you laughed when the “little niglets” attacked that ol’ racist mofo. LOL


If this movie isn’t a certified hood classic, I don’t know what is!


This was executive produced by Spike Lee.

Rusty Cundieff co-wrote this flick. He also helped write House Party 2 and appeared in School Daze as well as Chapelle’s Show, among other things.

Darin Scott co-wrote with Cundieff. He’s also a producer for 1993’s Menace II Society and helped write Waist Deep.

*pulls our giant “hood certified stamp”* BONG! (word to RZA)