(2)Dope Questions With [email protected]!n$

blame it on Meka December 5, 2008

Dope Bueller took the time to sit down with us to wax poetics about fashion, individuality and the difference between Brooklyn and Hollywood. Check it out.

1) Today’s musical scene finds artists that are once again placing an emphasis on personal style. As an upcoming artist, what determines your own individual style?

I’m just me. I can’t even put a title or description on it, i’m just [email protected]!n$. You can’t really box me in with a tag or description. I don’t really fit into groups, scenes, none of that. I’m kinda in my own little world. Whatever I see fit to get into thats what im on, nothing really to it.

2) Since you’re from Brooklyn and you’ve moved to the West Coast, you’ve seen both coasts’ respective hip-hop scenes. In what ways are they alike and what ways are they different?

New York hip-hop is really aggressive, “I’m better than you” type rapping. LA is way more laid back “I’ma tell you bout what’s goin’ on in my neighborhood” type raps. LA hip hop really got a story going to it, whereas New York is really just lyrical “I’ma smash you with this next punchline” type raps.

Bonus: being a Brooklyn transplant, who do you feel has more style: Hollywood of your hometown?

HA! Thats ridiculous. Brooklyn is supreme with styles. Whether it be fashion or music. We had Jay-Z, B.I.G, and Big Daddy Kane, 3 of the most stylish and not to mention best rappers ever. And on the fashion scene we had the Lo Life’s who started all that “hood couture” shit that kind of revolutionized hip hop fashion. Oh and did you know Michael Jordan was from Brooklyn? ‘Nuff said. *DoPE!*