NFL Week 14 Predictions

blame it on Meka December 6, 2008

Good lord, have any of y’all read the play-by-play of how Plaxico ethered his own leg? Duke wasn’t even in trouble; he dropped his damn glass of swill and in the process of trying to catch it accidentally pulled the trigger on himself! Say it with me now: RANDOM ACT OF FUCKERY. Anyways, Giants/Eagles, Dallas/Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay/Carolina and Washington/Baltimore are this week’s highlights. Thoughts, people. As for the (2)Dope Madden Playoffs, I will choose some people from the old league, while anybody else who is interested and has an XBox 360 version of Madden NFL ’09 hit me on the email above with your gamertag. Enjoy Ms. Rabbit, everyone.

Oakland vs. San Diego
Jacksonville vs. Chicago
Minnesota vs. Detroit
Houston vs. Green Bay
Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis
Atlanta vs. New Orleans
Philadelphia vs. NY Giants
Cleveland vs. Tennessee
Miami vs. Buffalo
Kansas City vs. Denver
NY Jets vs. San Francisco
New England vs. Seattle
St. Louis vs. Arizona
Dallas vs. Pittsburgh
Washington vs. Baltimore
Tampa Bay vs. Carolina