Charles Hamilton – Dummy (Soulja Boy Warning)

blame it on Shake December 12, 2008

Smh… I’ve bit my tongue for too long about a few things. Why though? That’s the point of a blog right? For me (and Meka) to voice our opinions. Yea… really Charles? Why on earth would you even entertain this beef? What about all the Soulja Boy is the best rapper alive because if you diss him you will automatically lose talk you said in our (2)Dope Questions segment. Well… looks like I might be chalking another one up to Soulja Boy (his video response game is second to none haha). Or should I chalk it up to Interscope? Since well… this whole beef is faker than Lil Kim’s body. And in case you were wondering why the dopeboyz didn’t post The Pink LavalampGotty hints at some of the answers. And while I’m in asshole mode… HHG’s audio section is still relevant?

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Dummy (Soulja Boy Warning) [via illRoots]
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I know I know… Shake, why are YOU entertaining this? I don’t even know to be honest. Whatever. DISCLAIMER: This whole post and my commentary is NOT me saying fuck Charles Hamilton in any sense. I just don’t agree with the situation that went down. I still enjoy dudes music and wish him the best. I just don’t think the best will come if he continues in this fashion. UPDATE: Word around the internets is that this is just warning shots and the real diss is coming. We’ll see…