Slug’s First (URB) Cover x Phone Masturbation [II]

blame it on Shake December 12, 2008

In the spirit of URB’s Issue Full of Firsts, the Atmosphere emcee speaks on his first URB cover amongst other things. Check the clipping below, then hit up URB for the full article. Classic Sluggo.

Aesop Rock was already there. The stylist showed my some clothes that I declined, but she offered me a beer and I accepted. As the photographer started setting up, I asked Aesop Rock if he wanted to go get stoned. I think he declined, but he did decide to accompany me. We ended up in some cafeteria in the building. For some reason, I decided it was OK for me to roll a joint right there at a table. Then I decided it was OK for me to light it up right there. I remember Aesop kinda being surprised at my behavior. But I was loaded, and on some Wu-Tang shit. I didn’t care.

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And since Aesop was brought up, be sure to check his latest track if you missed it!