Clipse x Pacific Division x Pepsi Proper: A (2)Dope Night Out (Video)

blame it on Meka December 14, 2008

[vimeo 2526236]

Last night I attended Pepsi Proper’s Pop Up Retail store and its accompanying show. The store itself was nothing to brag about, as when I got to the spot there were maybe 12 people inside tops, with a good seven of them being the vendors. They were all down-to-earth, however, and one of the promoters gave me a 12-pack of soda and some tees just for showing up. I returned later on that night – as another promoter suggested I show up by 8pm, even though the event started at 9pm – with two of my friends, where I ran into Picaso of Language Artz, bananaclipse, E-Dub, Convinced, their respective friends and a pair of cuties from Chicago who had just moved to Southern California (and were pissed when they found out Cali clubs shut down at 2am. So Cal lost) who came early also, only to be told to come back at 9pm. That’s the last time I come early/on time to an event. Eventually we returned and were let in; but unfortunately some were not because they weren’t 21, while ‘clipse forgot his ID. Ouch. While inside the DJ spun good music, I kicked it with U-N-I, Pacific Division, Dom Kennedy, El Prez, Ayomari, TiRon, eazee and many others, temporarily fell in love with a few of the curvy women that attended, wanted to gank Tyga for his chain and my inner fan boy came out and I shot a pair of pictures with Pusha T & Malice. All in all I had a good time, considering it was my first time seeing both Pac Div and Clipse perform. Above is the footage I got of Clipse doing “Keys Open Doors,” with Pacific Division’s “Mayor” and “Taste” under the cut. Shouts to everyone I met that night, and if I forgot to mention, my bad.

Pacifiv Division – “Mayor”

[vimeo 2526300]

Pacific Division – “Taste”

[vimeo 2526376]