Soopa Starr’s Blaxploitation Friday: TNT Jackson

blame it on Meka December 19, 2008

Synopsis: When Diana (aka T.N.T) Jackson’s brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, she takes her expert marital arts skills on a rampage in search of revenge. There is no turning back once she leaves Harlem for Hong Kong as she unleashes a can of 100% whoopass.



Jeannie Bell was Playboy Playmate of the Month, October 1969.

Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago founded Premiere Productions in Manila in 1946. He became one of the progressive thinkers of the “blaxploitation” genre by casting black actors and especially actresses as action heroes. T.N.T. Jackson was so popular that he and his New World Pictures boss, Roger Corman, essentially remade it twice more, as Firecracker in 1981 and as Angelfist in 1992. In the ’80s, Santiago became known for his numerous low-budget Vietnam war movies which gave him a reputation as the master of the Vietnam war genre. Another cult blaxploitation era film he directed was Savage!. Ciriaco died Sept. 2008 at age 72.

After all that, if you really want to see the trailer for T.N.T., CLICK HERE

I’ve also developed a new e-friendship/partnership with a dope website called Blaxploitation Pride. While I typically only dedicate Fridays to blaxploitation, they post blaxploitation every day. Not only are they thorough (and the best blaxploitation resource I’ve seen online so far), but they also provide movie and music downloads.