Happy New Year…

blame it on Shake January 1, 2009

…from your favorite dopeboyz on the internets. I have to admit, after last night I have a love/hate relationship with Montreal. Paying and waiting in line (when temperatures are below freezing mind you) is not the business. Especially when I’m used to walking right into most spots in Vegas with no cover or line shit. But once in (we went to the Main Bar) the open bar set the night off right. Another thing that’s off is the fact ya’ll can legally drink at 18. That’s cool and all but to me, it’s not a good look as I see 15 year olds (that look older than me) rocking fake IDs and all that. Where as back home I can expect everyone I see in a night will be atleast 19-20+. I had a blast though and I really hope everyone of you did too! Here’s to ’09!

Sidebar: I just saw and read Meka’s T.R.O.Y. post… I think I’ll have to do one of those before I head back to T-Dot. Today might be a little slow (see: it’s pretty much a safe bet that it will be) but I can garauntee that myself and Mek Dot will be in full grind mode this year. Beliieeee dat!