A (2)Dope Year End List

blame it on Meka January 5, 2009

So the good folks at URB asked Shake and I to give our own personal top 10 favorites of 2008, and it’s just been put up over on their site. Here are a few excerpts:


MEKA: fleece johnson: booty warrior 

after seeing this video i’ve come to the conclusion that i can’t go to any kind of jail. at all. fuck that. i’m mad skinny and i take care of my skin; they’ll use me as currency in that bitch.

SHAKE: gangster ass laterian milton 

although we never officially dubbed this a RAoF it’s safe to say this little fucker deserved that stamp. to make matters worse, dude went in on like three different occasions.

Check the rest out here (or by clicking on the picture).