(2)Dope Questions w/ Don Cannon

blame it on Shake January 8, 2009

Mr. Money Machine himself, Don Cannon, is the next guest in our (2)Dope Questions w/ section. Hit the jump for Cannon’s thoughts on Asher Roth, artists dropping daily/weekly records, etc. He even lets it be known which blog is his favorite.

I see that you did three beats for Freeway’s recent Month of Madness series. What are your thoughts on today’s need/want for artists to produced records daily/weekly? Do you feel this could become the only way for new artists to break into the industry?

It won’t be the only way but it’s a strong way for established artist and new artist to build a strong fan base in this fast digital age that we are in. I guess we are about to see who can keep up. I support the free music giveaways, but don’t get it fucked up. Fans have to realize that everything ain’t for free, treat giveaways as giveaways and albums as albums. If they don’t then how are we going to eat?

Alongside DJ Drama, you were one of the first DJs to fully support Asher Roth and did your part to bring him to the limelight (see: Asher’s Greenhouse Effect mixtape). Do you feel the compariosons to Eminem are warranted? And do you think he’ll be able to break the stereotypes previous white rappers have expereienced in the mainstream?

I don’t feel the comparison to Eminem should be made. Dont’ get me wrong, I see how people out there draw that observation. But there are a lot of comparisons out there, i.e. Biggie and Shyne. Just besause he is white and he is a rapper, he as to be Eminem? Asher is more laid back, I think Eminem is more aggressive. Don’t get me wrong I fuck with Em, but they are different to me. Asher, in my opinion, is more contempary and Eminem is more extreme. To the second part of the question, yea of course I think he’ll be able to break those lables because he is his own rapper, he just does himself and does what he believes in.

BONUS: What’s your favorite hip hop blog on the net?

I check alot of them but the winner goes to 2dopeboyz [laughs]. But for real you and Meka keep doing y’alls thing. thestudiorats.com gonna be re-launching real soon, y’all stay tuned for that.

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