Officer in BART Shooting Resigns

blame it on Shake January 8, 2009

Johannes Mehserle, the officer douche bag that shot and killed (unarmed) Oscar Grant for no apparent reason has resigned from his position with the police force. The resignation brought on cheers and applause as the announcement was made this afternoon. But the thing that gets me is this…

Mehserle’s resignation means he does not have to answer questions about the shooting from BART internal affairs investigators. SFGate

Tom Orloff (the Alameda County District Attorney) said he plans to move quickly toward the possibility of criminal charges but says “These things normally take weeks rather than days.” What in the flying fuck is wrong with this picture? The report also states that BART is looking into whether Mehserle mistook his strap for a Tazer stun gun. Are you serious!? How in the fuck do you mistake a service pistol with a stun gun? And don’t give me the run around that they feel the same because I’ve handled both. This shit is mind bottling © Chazz Michael Michaels. Such an upsetting turn of events.