Random Acts of Fuckery: Bloggers Catching Feelings Edition

blame it on Shake January 9, 2009

Really? WE bother you that much? So because WE RUN THIS you decide to twit in anger? Don’t worry I won’t put your name in a song blog. It’s not even that big of a deal. WE decided to have a little fun today and release some exclusives (which I know you can’t complain about). We announced it a worldwide holiday. I’m sorry if you can’t take jokes and what not, just accept it and move on…

With that said, I’m off to watch Babel (late I know).

DISCLAIMER: I’m speaking for myself alone. The rest of the NMC had no say in this post so if it bothers any of you, feel free to hate on Shake. And for the record, this will be the ONLY time I dedicate a post to some knuckle head that’s talking reckless (on the internet mind you).