NFL Playoff Predictions (01.11)

blame it on Shake January 11, 2009

I wanted to make a post yesterday for predictions on the games this weekend but that didn’t work out obviously. Big ups to the Ravens for being a deadly team right now. I wouldn’t want to go up against them next round. Just saying. I’m sorry to all Panthers fans who didn’t get a chance to see their team even show up to play. Steve Smith’s first catch wasn’t until the third quarter? Really!? Smh… anyways the first game up today is gonna be great (and I won’t be able to see it, shitty). With them splitting the regular season games they had, whose gonna break the tie and move on? Then, another game I won’t be watching as I’ll be enjoying the city of Toronto, is the Chargers x Steerlers. Pitt barely took their regular season match up so what’s gonna happen today!? Let’s get a discussion going folks…