De-Haven: I Am My Brother’s [Jay-Z] Keeper

blame it on Shake January 15, 2009

My man Jake Paine (EIC at HipHopDX) recently did an interview with De-Haven in his first interview in years. You know if it’s with De-Haven, Jay-Z is gonna be mentioned (atleast 100 times). Check a blurb below and then check the plantation for the full interview.

At that time, when we were livin’ in Jersey, Jay-Z was known as my little brother. Nobody could tell me that they were nicer than my little brother, as far as rhyme skills— that was impossible. Whoever was the nicest in their hood, I would say, “Let me go get my little brother. I’ll be right back.” Jay-Z would come out and destroy them. You remember that Brooklyn footage when they used to show Notorious B.I.G. battle-rhyming on the streets? Jay-Z was known as the nicest on the microphone like that too.

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