(2)Dope Questions With Thr33zy McFly

blame it on Meka January 20, 2009

The young gunner of the Language Artz click sits down with us to wax poetics about being a young man in an old man’s sport, West Coast unity and why he lives through Tony Hawk. And here’s a bonus cut off his upcoming Menace 3 Society mixtape, dropping soon.

BONUS: Thr33zy McFly – I’m Krazy f. AT | Mediafire

Being a young, new artist, what do you think you should do to garner the same respect as and from your older peers, rather than being labeled as simply a “young rapper?”

I gotta prove to y’all my grind is official. No disrespect to nobody but a lot of young artists feel that since we’re young we gotta make a single that requires a dance step or something  like that. That’s cool, get your money and, eat but that shit ain’t gonna get u respect. This Menace 3 Society project is actually my 2nd mixtape. My 1st mixtape, Mood Swings, was released 8 months on my MySpace page, and that shit had material on it from when I was 16. I can’t expect everyone to know me, and I won’t pretend to know or understand everyone, but I’ma tell y’all one thing: my grind and the growth in my music speaks 4 itself. I’ma always keep it 100 with all of the listeners. I gotta explain my story and paint a real vivid picture so y’all will understand the maturity in my music. I feel I relate to the both crowds (older and young) due to situations I’ve been in through in my life. I go to clubs and party but at the same time I got a son, so I can’t just be playing around; it’s business at the end of the day.

West Coast unity: tell me what that means to you.

West coast unity to me means my whole coast coming together as one and taking over this whole shit like we once did back in the 90s. Aside from Snoop and The Game, the West has been real quiet on the mainstream level. That’s why I got so much respect for dudes like Nippsey Hussle and U-N-I because of the movements we’ve all got going. In no time we’ll be able to continue the west coast legacy as established artists. It’s easier said than done though, cuz ni**as is out here is murkin’ each other for wearin’ the wrong colors.

BONUS: What’s your favorite video game of all time and why?

The Tony Hawk series. I fuck with it so tough because I always wanted 2 be a sick ass skateboarder in real life, but I never got the hang of that shit: I was bustin’ my ass fuckin’ with it. When I began playing T.H. back in like 01′ I became real good at it. So all the moves I wanted to do in real life I was doing them shits on the game. So I gave my skateboards to the homies and just lived my dream through the video game [Laughs]. The rest is history.