2Dope To Sleep On: QuESt, D/WILL, D.Julien & NandoMcFly

blame it on Shake January 21, 2009

I’ve been telling the artists I chose (D.Julien & QuESt) that I was gonna make this post the past few days. I didn’t get around to it as it requires a little bit more work than the norm and I’ve been dealing with bullshit the entire week so whatever. Myself and Meka are gonna make it a point to bring dope music to the limelight in 2009. On top of what we already post; here are a few other artists you should look out for. Hit the jump…

D/WILL (Kansas City, MO)
Anybody who knows me knows I’m a fan of multihued instrumentation, and listening to D/WILL’s soundscapes are the reasons why I dig them. No 808s & bullshit here, just a soulful, jazzy, boom-bap hybrid that amplifies the lyricists’ verses rather than outshine – or even worse, helps – them.

DOWNLOAD: D/WILL – Knock f. Rhymedy | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: D/WILL – Love Or Confusion f. Outasight | Mediafire

NandoMcFlyy (Washington, DC)
Nando comes from a growing list of burgeoning MCs from the DMV area, and similar to their West Coast counterparts, each bring a sense of unity and individuality. I posted a few tracks from duke in the past, but then duke fell out of the matrix like Neo for a quick minute. Fortunately he was able to plug back in.

DOWNLOAD: NandoMcFlyy – LA…ATL | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: NandoMcFlyy – Drop | Mediafire

D.Julien (Brooklyn, NY)
I ignored overlooked the emails this kid would send me on the regular for no good reason at all. Luckily I downloaded this joint that OKP put up and realized I was a complete retard to have let that happen. The young buck has alot of spit game to him and the tracks I’ve included will definitely prove that statement true. The MySpae Featured Artist of the Week also has a new project dropping next month entitled The Experiment; which will features XV, BK Cyph and more. So be sure to check for that.

DOWNLOAD: D.Julien – Thinking Out Loud (prod. DJ Premier) | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: D.Julien – Feel the Rhythms (prod. Algorythm) | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: D.Julien – Perseverance (prod. Phillmeeh) | Mediafire

QuESt (Miami, FL)
Last but not least is QuESt. I’ve seen him on illRoots a few times but yet again I chose to ignore overlook dude. Once again, stupid on my part. With 5 projects released (including 2 with illRoots), a very dope project entitled Distant Travels Into Soul Theory (QuEst rapping over straight looped 70’s soul samples. No kicks, snares or hi hats added.) with iR and your favorite dopeboyz on the internet (together as dopeRoots) and Broken Headphones in early April; you can be sure you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from dude on 2DBz. Oh, and he’s taking over.

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Bigger Than World (rmx) | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth (rmx) | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: QuESt – The Reinforcements (Mixtape)
DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Where’s My Rhymebook (Mixtape)