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Mr. Lif – Obama

blame it on Shake January 26, 2009

I’d like to be more optimistic/ But the world is twisted/ A new America?/ Oh shit, I think I missed it.

With Mr. Lif’s album, I Heard It Today, being pushed back to April 21st (back from an original Inauguration Day release) he wanted to make sure he dropped something on the historic day. Aka I’m a good week late on this post haha. Now before you go and say “Damn, another Obama song?” take a listen. Lif is always one to check for and it’s not all love. Peep his thoughts on the record after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Mr. Lif – Obama* | Mediafire

My focus and emotions took quite an unexpected turn after Barak Obama’s historic victory in the 2008 election. I thought the excitement would have remained more prominent in my mind, but it dissipated rather quickly. After all the celebrations died down, we were still right here in America (the land where there now seems to be a major pitfall looming behind every alleged opportunity). A fierce dose of cynicism set in on me. Then I began to shun politics altogether at a time when I expected to be paying strict attention.

Many of you know that my new album “I Heard It Today” was orignally scheduled for an Inauguration Day release. When it got pushed back to an April 21st 2009 release date, I knew I still had to release something to commemorate this historic Jan 20th, 2009 Inauguration Day. So, I went about the challenging process of capturing all of my sentiments in regards to the Obama administration within a 3 verse song.

I started the song (now titled “Obama”) so many times and failed. I have 3 or 4 verses that never got past the first 4 bars. I have verses that simply didn’t make the final cut. At one point, I felt I couldn’t organize my thoughts well enough to write the whole song on my own, so I recruited my long time friend and collaborator, “Akrobatik” to contribute a verse.

We approached writing the song in several ways but to no avail. Really, it was my conversations with Ak about the topic that helped me break through and figure out what I really wanted to say. Unfortunately, Akrobatik’s voice is not heard on the song, but I truly believe this piece of music would not have been completed on time without his help.

In closing I will say, I am glad to have the opportunity to release this song on such an important day in American history. Hopefully some of the ideas expressed reflect things you have felt at some point as well.

Thanks for listening…

*The download link is straight from his MySpace so if you’d like a package with the CDQ main, clean, a capella, instrumental and a mini poster with lyrics; be sure to cop it on iTunes!