Kobe Bryant Drops 61 on the Knicks!

blame it on Shake February 3, 2009

So during my first actual night out on the town, I hit up this lounge/bowling alley at Port Authority for a few drinks and whatnot with Lowkey & Dre (aka the BET bitches haha) and a few of my DX goons. We ended up staying at the bar and leaving the bowling alone to chop it up and whatnot. On the tube was the Lakers x Knicks game (a game in which I wish I would’ve remember and got tickets as I’m in fuckin New York!). Anyways before we headed to this place called Sway (shouts to Brian & Kevin Scully!) I got to witness the best player in the league drop 61 and surpass Jordan’s 55-point record at the present Garden and Bernard King’s 60-point record set back in ’84. Good shit. On that note, I’m off to Duck Down’s office then the streets. If you see the kid rocking the Lakers fitted, say what up!

Here’s to a fast and healthy return from Bynum!