Cage – Nothing Left to Say (prod. El-P)

blame it on Shake February 10, 2009

Before I head out to grab some lunch I wanted to drop this new Cage record off that Pitchfork premiered earlier today (shouts to P&P for the heads up). He hasn’t dropped an album since 2005’s Hell’s Winter but he hasn’t lost a step in his evolution in my opinion. This record (reportedly a response to a dead friend) is exactly where I hoped he would progress into music wise. Instead of my rants though, here’s what Pitchfork had to say…

Cage isn’t rapping about scalping motherfuckers anymore, and he’s lost a certain devil-may-care shock-rap joyousness in his transition to freaked-out adulthood. But “Nothing Left to Say” still drips with catharsis, partly because of Cage’s own spittle-flecked intensity but mostly because of El-P’s beat, which starts out as an ominous synth-tone wobble and turns into a disorienting industrial clatter. If and when Shia LaBoeuf ever gets around to making that Cage biopic he’s been kicking around for a while, this one might soundtrack some sort of hitting-rock-bottom montage.

DOWNLOAD: Cage – Nothing Left to Say (prod. El-P)

Depart From Me is set to drop June 29th on Def Jux and according to Cage’s MySpace we’ll be getting an EP and more soon as well! UPDATE: Apparently Pitchfork messed up and uploaded the wrong record! I’ve uploaded the correct song now! The joint I had up prior is called I Never Knew You. So if you grabbed that, consider yourself lucky. You now have two new Cage joints haha.