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Drake’s So Far Gone Mixtape Update

blame it on Shake February 12, 2009

This is kinda out of style for the dopehouse, but I see a slew of people going nuts over the release of Drake’s new mixtape. Incase ya’ll don’t check his blog, here’s the update…

Im in LA, so I got till 12 PM PACIFIC TIME!!! We still recording, CEO Jas took that picture like 10 min ago, as soon as we done this interlude Ill upload the links. But I got till midnight PACIFIC TIME!! thats 3 HRS!!!

This went up at 9pm PST so he’s got just under 2.5 hours. But yes, it’s basically what I’ve been saying all along. Hold tight and it will be here. And who else knew Omarion was on the tape? I sure didn’t.

UPDATE (12:12am PST): Drake just posted a new blog asking for 1.5 hours more as the tape is officially done and printing. He’ll then ID the songs and upload it. I feel sorry for you East Coast folk haha.

UPDATE x 2E: Fashionably late…. click to download.