Cormega – Maybach Music Freestyle [FULL]

blame it on Shake February 15, 2009

UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as it seems Ice got a little leak happy and put it out early. Here’s the full version, courtesy of Dan Green.

Now this is how you rhyme over a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat Officer Ricky. Cormega hops on Maybach Music and does his QB thing on it. I’m 99% sure this will be on his upcoming mixtape in which he had the following to say…

Basically the [theme of the] mixtape is how we fed up with radio. And how sometimes you turn on the radio and you hear a bunch of bullshit but at the same time even the song’s that’s bullshit you hear ‘em so much you start liking ‘em. So what I’m doing is I’m rappin’ over whatever was hot within the last year… I’m rappin’ over ‘Hi Hater’. I’m rappin’ over ‘A Milli’ . It’s like me teasing muthafuckas like, I can rap over anything, don’t get it twisted. I just stick to [doing] music the way I do it because that’s the way I do it. – Cormega [via HipHopDX]

DOWNLOAD: Cormega – Maybach Music Freestyle [FULL]

Shouts to Ice for the hook up. And I have to say… what the fluck is up with Rawss and these “music” songs? I see the c-section caught wind of it on the latest one. Maybach Music, Mafia Music, Cigar Music? I vote for Put a Shirt On Music.