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The World According to Squijee ep.2: Happy Vajayjay Day! (Video)

blame it on Shake February 15, 2009


Somehow missed this yesterday. The second installment of The World According to Squijee (aka T.W.A.T.S.) is here! And like last time, hit the jump for a special message from Squijee himself (via QN5)…

Um, hello? Hi.

It’s Squijee, son! You know I couldn’t let my national holiday go by without making a special PSA for my peeps. Fellas…if you’re a playa like me, you need all the tips you can get – so this video has my tips for baggin as many broads as possible this Vajayjay Day! Peace to KY & Nunchucks.

So, some of you b*tches ain’t subscribe to my gootube, facialbook, or twitfeed yet. I know who you are and I know where you live and tonighte I’ll be knockin on your door and you’ll be all like “at this hour?” AND THEN YOU’LL OPEN IT! BUT I’M ALREADY BEHIND YOU WIT A DRILL, AND IT’S ALLWRRRGR, WRGRGRGGR” INTO YOUR CALVES AND-…OH…um…Sorry….

I get a little carried away sometimes.

Happy f*ckin’, ya’ll!

PS. Remember, brownies & vagina go together like creampies and kerosene. Perfectly!

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