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U-N-I – A Love Supreme Sessions: Before There Was Love (Video)

blame it on Meka February 17, 2009

[vimeo 3250806]

The highly anticipated “A Love Supreme” project from the L.A. based Hip-Hop duo U-N-I and producer Ro Blvd. will reach the public really soon. In this 5th Installment, we visit some of the contributors to the acclaimed “Before There Was Love” Mixtape: DJ’s Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, Glenn The Engineer, Producer Dibiase, Producer Faahz, Producer Cook Classics, and El Prez. Also, make sure you watch the entire video to catch the bonus footage of Evidence after the Key Club Performance in January of ’09.

Supposedly I’m supposed to have a sit-down with the people behind these videos and divulge my own thoughts as well, but that may change due to my notorious camera-shyness. Haven’t really decided yet.