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J.Period Talks The [Abstract] Best & More (Video)

blame it on Shake February 21, 2009


*hands in late pass

While I was in NYC, I hit up 6th Sense’s mixtape release party for his very dope It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo! mixtape (I still have footage I need to upload). It was unreal once people started figuring out who I was. Getting tapped on the shoulder every two minutes, “you’re Shake!?”. It was crazy, I had a blast. Anyways… there I met Jintrovert (I swear it took 10 minutes for me to understand how she said her name haha) and she said she’d be sending some stuff in the future. I missed this when it hit YouTube but it’s too good not to post now. Jintrovert sits down with J.Period to talk about his best of Q-Tip mixtape, The [Abstract] Best; as well as his previous collabs and what’s to expect in 2009.

dope interview! j period is one of the illest mixtape djs out. i’ve never seen any interview that gives as much insight into his work and selection process. great questions. – Homeboy Sandman