Kanye West & T-Pain – Flight School (rmx) f. OB

blame it on Shake February 24, 2009

am I really flying or.. is this just a little Harold Minor soar/
and I don’t mean Harold Minor wasn’t kind of raw, but will it pass or will it last?
will i endure

Am I going to hate myself for this in the morning? It’s possible. I didn’t upload the original with the extended instrumental version for the lone reason I already stated. That wasn’t enough to stop the rest of the NMC though haha… Now that it’s out there the emails will come. Like this one; which I honestly only downloaded because I couldn’t find the .mp3 I had on this Mac and wanted to hear some Kanye & T-Pain. After letting it play all the way through I was quite surprised at this kid OB. He did his thing on this. I thought it could be the fact it’s past 2am and I already enjoy the fuck out of the original, but a few repeat spins later and I’m still in the same posistion. I fuck with it! It’s especially odd because this is same Canadian artist that has Ms. Goodcookie as a single. Yea.. that gets no love from Shake. And I wasn’t really feeling much on his MySpace either. So I wouldn’t expect much more from him on 2dbz, but we’ll see. And I’ll always tip my straw when it’s due [II].

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West & T-Pain – Flight School (rmx) f. OB | Mediafire