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Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop (Video)

blame it on Shake February 26, 2009


Shit… so do I!! Anyways, in the clip above Ash talks about his love for hip hop, how Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life introduced him to it and more. I really respect the honesty he portrays. There’s far too many people out there that fake the funk when it comes to their knowledge of hip hop or when they actually got into it. I know folks that go an say Atmosphere’s best record is Overcast! when everyone knows its not. But the elitest in them wants to say “oh I been fuckin with them forever, etc” Or the types that are scared to admit their first introduction to hip hop was a Three 6 Mafia record. Who the fuck cares? Not everyone was around when the BDKs and Rakims were rocking the stages on the daily. Shit, I wasn’t. But I (like Asher) went back and learned about the artform and I respect it for what it is. Boom.