Nickelus F – Thank You Version: Pi (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 6, 2009

A fake version leaked last night that featured a bunch of wrong tracks. Impatient assholes with a dire need of “props” I tell you haha. Anyways… here’s that new official official mixtape from Nickelus F!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Thank You Version: Pi Intro
02. Crack A Bottle Freestyle
03. Concrete + NahRight.com Thank You
04 Ice Creams Freestyle + OnSmash.com Thank You
05. The Time Is Now Freestyle + Mr. X Thank You
06. Make Em Say Ugh Freestyle
07. Heathen Interlude
08. Heathen (Produced by Sneaka Freak)
09. Prideful (Produced by The Epics)
10. The Beast (Produced by Sneaka Freak)
11. Trenches (Produced by Pro Logic)
12. Rare Interlude
13. Roads ft. Portishead
14. Over ft. Portishead
15. Cowboy ft. Portishead
16. Abandoned ft. Portishead
17. The Silverust Interlude
18. The Silverust – Racquetball (Produced by Kid Icarus)
19. The Silverust – Geez Louise (Produced by Kid Icarus)
20. The Silverust – The School (Produced by Kid Icarus)
21. The Silverust – You Too (Produced by Kid Icarus)

DOWNLOAD: Nickelus F – Thank You Version: Pi
BONUS: Nickelus F Music Videos (Heathen, You Too, The Beats, I Get It In Freestyle, The Motions)