DJ Scoob Doo & Jim Jones – Street Religion Heron 3:16 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2009

Don’t you hate when you fall asleep for like 30 minutes because your exhausted and all the damn “nap” did was make you even more tired? Sleep is a fucked up drug, I swear. Speaking of fucked up… Jenny has a new mixtape! Alongside DJ Scooby Doo, they drop Street Religion Heron 3:16. Shouts to X on the heads up.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Street Religion Heron 3:16
2. Key To The City
3. Till We Win
4. Frenemies
5. Fucked Up World ft. Gary Mayfield, Shoota
6. I Heard ft. N.O.E., Hard Luck
7. Clack Clack ft. Akon, Sandman, Young Handsome
8. Man Down ft. Mel Matrix
9. As The World Turns ft. Mel Matrix, Sandman
10. Street Hustler Thoughts ft. Juelz Santana
11. NY Dreams
12. BG Brawl ft. N.O.E., Sandman
13. Byrd Gang Money Pt.2 ft. TL, Sandman
14. Na Na Nana Na
15. Bg Ryders ft. N.O.E.
16. Louie Bag ft. Chink Santana, N.O.E., Sen
17. Devil Wants My Soul ft. Freekey Zekey, Sen
18. I’ll Take You There ft. N.O.E.
19. Blow The Bank ft. Oshy
20. Blaze Up ft. N.O.E.
21. Gangstas Dont Cry ft. Shoota
22. Bad Man ft. Freekey Zekey, Sen

DOWNLOAD: DJ Scoob Doo & Jim Jones – Street Religion Heron 3:16*

*Yes, it’s in .rar format. Mac users step your bootleg game up. PC users, do the same.