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Print – WHO AM I f. Theophilus London x Saturday Morning Cartoons f. Wordspit (Video)

blame it on Meka March 20, 2009


We’re just sampling emails right now until I catch up (waking up wild late FTL?):

Whats going on guys!!! Just wanted to send you a fan video for a joint me and Theophilus London did for the COMIC BOOKS UNLIMITED album!!! The concept came about while sitting in the studio drinking 40’s and talking about life as well as politics. Theo was telling me about these people that actually have powers of the mind, spirit and body. I was like “Get the fuck outta here. No one really has powers.” Then he showed me some Asian dude that can buss an Hadouken  and I went crazy!!! We also were speaking on the state of affairs with politics and at the time I wasn’t to enthsiastic with Obama!! I can’t front in the begining I really thought he was just a hoax and he wasn’t this great man who I have come to admire. I took a quick shot at him in the joint but then was reluctant later on about the line because quite honestly I think he is a genius. Shouts to Barack Obama!! But basically, we speak on our ability as Super Heroes and humans to create much substadance in our lives!!! Hope you like it!! And shouts to 2DOPEBOYZ!!! They are my favorite blog and they are def. just as much apart of this project as every other artist that showed love. Comic Books Unlimited dropping finally April 13, 2009. Be ready!!! AOK all day and Daily Grind Records for the record!!!!!