Soopa Starr’s Blaxploitation Friday – Women’s History Month

blame it on Meka March 21, 2009

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Julia 1968-1971

I blog for Stay Tuned, a TV blog over at BET.com and featured Diahann Carroll a couple of days ago, for her role in Julia, in honor of Women’s History Month. Carroll played Julia Baker, a widowed nurse raising her song alone (in Los Angeles) after her husband was killed in Vietnam.

Julia was important because it was the first time since Beulah that a sitcom starred an African-American. It was a half-hour comedy that aired on NBC during a period of heightened activism and turmoil over the position of African-Americans in U.S. society. This was the first time an American network attempted to address such issues. Most people credit The Cosby Show with being the first time African-Americans were seen on TV in non-stereotypical roles, which clearly isn’t the case.


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