Lupe Fiasco Reveals (New) Album Title, Info, etc

blame it on Shake March 23, 2009

Through his new Twitter account, go figure. I still deny any usage of that blastid thing. Anyways… Lupe switched things up (again) and will be calling his upcoming album We Are Lasers. An album title he says comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions. He’s been working for about a week and around 60% done… and he’s producing on it as well. There’s not too many hip-hoppers on this one…got a slot for Bun B though…contemplating Cudi… Apparantely LupE.N.D. is cancelled, but he’s still aiming for two albums this year. Oh, and he’s still retiring.

Sidebar: Seems like Lupe Percival Fats either slipped up, or confessed his relations with Japanese Cartoon; as he said he produced Crowd Participation fyi…tryin to get Ye’ to shoot the video for it… And that’s that. Shouts to LupEND on the heads up.