Asher Roth – Perfectionist f. Beanie Sigel & Rock City

blame it on Shake April 3, 2009

I told you guys I’d have a very dope exclusive for ya’ll today! And what better image to use for a 2dbz premiere than a shot of Asher tearing down Pure night club in my city? Unfortunately I had to tag it or I couldn’t let it go. I already know people are gonna hate for that, but without the tags you wouldn’t even get to hear the song. See how the politics work? I did my best to keep them minimal and low in volume. Whatever though… this record is hot! Ash getting a Beans co-sign is pretty big in my eyes. Rock City is heavily slept on as well. Oren Yoel and David Appleton on the production. Believe you’ll be hearing more and more from Orel after Asleep in the Bread Aisle drops April 20th. For the record, this is an iTunes bonus. Imagine how dope the album is if a record of this caliber didn’t make the cut? I can’t stress it enough, ya’ll need to purchase! Doing so will also get you this cut w/o tags. Lovely huh?

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Perfectionist f. Beanie Sigel & Rock City [Dirty/2dbz Tags]
DOWNLOAD: Clean/NoTags