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Elliott “YN” Wilson – DJ Semtex Interview (Video)

blame it on Meka April 6, 2009

[vimeo 3996229]

I recently hit up NYC to find out what’s happening, to get that insider info on who is doing what out there at the moment. I hooked up with NYC’s most influential.

There’s only a few people that you could consider to be an authority on Hip-Hop culture.

There’s only a few people that have overseen the production of some of the greatest Hip-hop publictations of our time.

There are even fewer people that have made the successful transition from print to online, but there is only 1 guy that all of the above applies too.

There is only 1 guy that continues to give it to you raw, and will continue to ‘Out Swag’ you with his Blackberry address book.

….Elliott Wilson is in the building!

March is the anniversary of the death of the Notorious one, but it also marks the birth of Rap Radar.com. I interviewed Elliott Wilson on the launch of his latest venture, which looks set to repeat the success of the Source and XXL when they were in their prime.