2DB x OKP: A Letter From Management…

blame it on Meka April 7, 2009

MEKA: In case you haven’t noticed, we here over at 2 Dope Boyz have been going under a reconstruction of sorts. Shake (the giant, cup looking guy) and Meka (the Sideshow Bob-resembling fellow) have linked up with the good folks at OkayPlayer. What does that mean? Well, for one it means that we are no longer “free agents,” and have finally got down with a team that we feel will help us expand on our horizons with the site. Being OkayPlayers also mean we’ll be able to bring even more content, exclusives and everything in between for the masses. It’s only the start of something serious, something that I’m very excited to be a part of. Stay tuned to the wave [||].

SHAKE: I know there’s been a lot of you feeling like you were in the dark about it all. We apologize for that; but the time has arrived. As far as the new layout, you can see not much has changed. I wanted to keep it similar to what we had before; but had my eye on a few things. You’ll notice the font is bit larger and slightly different in color. Now it should allow links to stand out more. We also made sure to put who made the post on main page. Now people shouldn’t get confused on who said what. And you’ll know who to blame for hurting your feelings or whatever. The right bar has expanded in size but hasn’t changed much; as far as content. With that said. I want to thank you all again for dealing with downtime, the slow’ness and more that went down this week. We back though!

That’s not all we have planned, though…

(2)DopePlayer: You might notice the banners highlighted around the site. Well… after the success of our first outing, we’ve decided what better way to commemorate the union than with another mixtape? Trust, this tape will be just as dope than the OG jump-off (if not better). More details will be surfacing soon, until then… know it’s not gonna be like what you’ve seen/heard before!