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Shopping For Graphic Novels w/ Novel (Video)

blame it on Meka April 8, 2009


Courtesy of Steven:

Singer-songwriter Novel took us to Forbidden Planet in New York City to talk about how he first got into graphic novels, discussing his love of the art form as he name-checked works like “Ghost World” and “The Watchmen.” Walking up and down the aisles, he suggested that newbies should begin with Brian K. Vaughan’s “The Pride of Baghdad,” how he first got into graphic novels, whose works you should check out if you’re interested in diving into the world of graphic novels, why he’s feeling Neil Gaiman the most out of any other author’s work and more. He also headed to the second floor to discuss some of his favorite anime like “Ninja Scroll” and why he loves the Japanese animation.

“Ninja Scroll” = one of the GOATs. What else was a classic anime, folks? And no, “La Blue Girl” is not.